Poem: Storm Break

The storm is settling on the place it knows well.

The place that is never whole for it keeps getting broken.

Winds are high and blowing everything in its direction.

Everything hitting, but nothing is sticking.

Looking through the hurdles of clouds and one ray of light appears.

It as if the gates have open.

The storm is leaving the place and it is becoming whole again.

This time you hope that it will not break.

Time passes on, and the place only grow stronger and stronger.

Could it be that this is the glue that will keep it together?

That one ray of light that only you could see if now guiding you.

Another storm is now on the horizon, and it settles in the place it knows.

This time however your heart decided that it will not break.

The storm tries with all its might to tear you apart.

This time it did not.

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