Poem: Please

A long day that has not night.

All day trying to figure out what to do and if something can be done.

Deep down you are relieving that the troubles are no more.

The fog from the morning heartbeat is starting to fade and you can see.

Then out the blue the trouble that you thought was gone comes running back.

This time it is worst than before, and you cannot hide your torture.

The way you walk and the way you talk can no longer cover the pain.

This is the story of your youth which may be the story of just you.

Ending is not here for the need is the greater good.

It is time to do what you do best please.

You must please the shoulder of the ones that hurt.

The ones that hurt you, and smile without a tear inside your eye.

This is the story for today and your story for the rest of your days.

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