Poem: I do not know you.

Do I know you?

I honestly thought I did.

Then with a blink you flip the switch.

These light hurts worse than the dark.

I thought I could trust you, but you never trusted me.

You leave me to carry a flag that never wanted.

Now you expect me to stay.

I know the lights are on now, but the dark will forever be my home.

Now you just do not belong.

Poem: find You

I tried to ease the pain, but it just stayed.

It took a day, but my heartache could not stay.

Leaving the key for a friend that just me be a foe.

Leading with hope, while waiting for them to open the door.

The path is clear and far from blue.

I can see the winters will be to.

That is why I hope to one day find you.

Poem: Remember you

I am still trying to find ways to live my dream.

I see the stars, but sometime the moon is unclear to me.

I tried to wait and find the right thing to say.

It never came so my nights turned into days.

The trees are no longer standing where we stayed.

The loved that brought them here took them to their grave.

This is not the life I need to see.

It is the one that I somehow chosen to live.

A lonely one with not anybody to call.

I miss you, but sometimes I do not remember you at all.

Poem: To You

I am writing you the story of you.

A story that I do not know, but that knows you well.

A time where the future meets the past.

Where hope lives outside our dreams.

The one thing that have desire but does not try to please.

This is the story I am writing, a tale that is not real.

A story that is all within, and dreams from rooms across the sea.

This will go down in history, as one would hope.

This is my writing that I am giving you.

A piece that will not make you happy.

It will make the heart do what it does best.

It will beat, but mine will simply stop.

That is the story I want to tell.