Poem: Puddle

Water dripping down the wall.

Staring as it spills over the floor.

Just looking but cannot move.

The puddle starts to get bigger, and you do not see it as a problem.

This is just an obstacle that life throws your way.

One that may cause some troubles, but this journey will be okay.

Those are the things you say, but deep down not the things you mean.

This has become your way of life.

Obstacles come and hit you with things that always try to make you break.

This is one that has made a crack into the celling.

That you are watching slowing break open.

Hoping that the glue will make it last a little bit longer.

Poem: Lost at Sea

Lost in the eyes of the sea.

Searching for something that only few can see.

The feeling that everything will be okay.

That everything is free.

The storm is raging in the eyes of the beholder.

Living in the dreams of elder.

The waves are pushing us further out.

That we no longer can see the land.

Yet I am not worried.

I am not scared.

This was all in the plan, one that I never could see.

I know this could be the end, but my peace has finally made land.

The water is getting above our heads, yet I lost my breath awhile back.

This is a disaster I have dream, but not the nightmare I envision.

This is what it feels like to be love.

Poem: Soaking

Trying to wait for the sun, but I always end up in the rain.

Wondering why it keeps pouring the closer I get.

Trying to run back inside before I end up soaking.

Then suddenly just stop in the middle and looking up from my tears.

Wondering why does this happens to me?

Is my love not worthy of brighter days?

Is this why I never see the sun until it almost gone.

Worrying why am I getting wet.

Instead of trying to figure out ways to stay dry.

I cannot see the end of rain; I can only see where it begins.

I only see the pouring that used to feel like pain.

Pain that no longer hurts, just keeping me numb.

Thinking this is where I belong.

This is my home I have cried.

Unable to stay dry, always stuck in the middle of the storm wondering how to get out.

Secretly wanting to stay in.

Poem: Swim

The world is never still, but my heart is.

My life is constantly moving, but I never see anything pass me.

I only see one thing, you.

The ocean once scared me, but the day I met you I stop drowning.

We are not perfect, but the love we share sometimes is.

I said sometimes, not all the time because we are always swimming past each other.

This is not me, and this is not you.

We are two people that are stuck in the ocean, that no longer can breathe.

Yet, we are both fine.

The worries we once had are gone, the stress is free, now we can be.

This is strange, but the way we connect is what make this works.

I am turning blue, but I do not care.

It just means I can get one more kiss before my final bed.