Poem: Break

Why can I not take a break?

Why must the world ride my back?

When will I become free of the worries that do not belong to me?

I try to give hope and pleasure to ones that do not care.

Pleasing the people when you are only a body that has no soul.

Leads to the burnout of the flames that heat my soul.

When will it be enough?

Or is it enough?


Poem: Just Trying Again

Winning and receiving is a gift like no other.

It is all that the body needs.

It all that the window can stand.

Trying to find the light that the ghost run from.

Hitting the truth but missing the bat.

I keep trying to get this right.

I keep trying is a lie I tell all.

The others that hate.

The ones that love.

The thought of giving it all is missing me.

You have everything I do not have.

Yet I have everything that you have.

I am just trying to win.

I guess I just need to lose.