Poem: A Dream Life

Another day my dream has change.

Another time where I cannot fly.

The things that lay on my heart, but it cannot beat.

I try to see the sign, but I just cannot read.

This is not the life I want to live.

Too stress has become a part of my rest.

Promises keep getting made.

Then like the ocean they start to break.

I do not know how much I can take.

My mind is no longer stronger enough to read the room.

The room that has nothing but windows, with no doors.

This is not my passion it certain is not life with a dream.

Poem: Dear Truth

Dear truth, why did you lie.

You said it would be easy, but so far it has been no fun.

Dear truth, where did you go?

You said you would stay, but why did you run?

My life was simply until I met you.

You told me the strength was all I needed to make it through.

My hopes, my dreams are now washed away with you.

You gave me everything, but you.

Dear truth, I hate you.

I tried to be nice, but it was too good for you.

So goodbye, farewell, this is the end, my time with you is all I have left.

No more hurt, no more pain, this is last time I will see your face.

Dear truth, thank you.