Poem: turning Time

The rain is here, and it looks to stay.

The journey to see another day is hurting my race.

Trying to focus on what is right but keep ending up in the wrong place.

Is it by luck or is it just a me thing?

Not sure what to make of this, but to try and be true.

My eyes are crying out why so blue.

I do not care to be real if everything around me is fake.

My dear all I want is to see another day.

There is no turning back from what my heart is trying to heal.

I need to know where this is going and will time ever turn.

The true is it has just not the way we wanted it to go.


Poem: Time & Dreams

Living without dreams is like living without the rain.

 You are never able to bloom and grow.

The dirt lays at your feet, and you never seem to get clean.

Trusting oneself is a burden that you no longer can bare.

Living in a world where death is the only thing you want.

Not realizing the hurt it will cause the ones that say they care.

Their words speak, but your ears cannot hear.

Thinking about the sounds that will make them weep.

Thinking about the dreams that simply cannot be.

Will there ever be a time where you can?

Dreams can only die if you kill them.

So why wait until the cord needs to be cut?

Give them air so they can live.

You never know what they may give.

Poem: Almost Out

 Where has the time gone.

It used to never end, and we never could find out where it begins.

Wasting away sleeping in the shade, not knowing what the rest of the day would hold.

To listen to the earth rattle and roll, not caring about the storm coming.

Not caring when anything would end.

Just if it begins.

Now it is a different story.

Hunting down the hours to spend a second more with you.

To hear your breath if only for second.

To just seeing you smile, and not knowing if this will be the last time.

Time has almost run out for us.

There is no way for me to rewind the clock.

It is almost time for it to spring forward.

It is almost 1 I wish we could run away before it turns 2.

Poem: Hills of Time

Time is the enemy that we all have.

It is something that drives this life we live.

We try to run from it, but it always catches us.

That is why we this game is called life.

At some point the time will stop.

The darkness can no longer keep us safe.

The hill is only as tall as the mountain behind it.

The way to the top can also lead you to the bottom.

The wind will blow you one way.

It is up to us to figure out what to do with it.

One day could be today, and then tomorrow will never come.

This could be the end and all that is left to be done.