Poem: A Test

This is a test that I cannot pass.

I see the answers and know the questions.

I just cannot pass the test.

I try each day to get along, but that only seems so wrong.

When the pen meets the paper the two just do not agree.

The hand does not meet the right just like you and me.

The writing is on the wall so is the hook where everything hangs.

This is a test that I have failed.

I hate that I did.

Maybe I will try again.

Poem: Test

Fear is winning the battle that love lost.

The hope of being true has come at price of the head.

One that is too heavy to carry.

You think you have all the answers, but you always fail.

The cold nights have made for an even colder soul.

Lights do not show you anything that the darkness does not want to show.

You are where you begin time and time again.

This time the journey is one that sees no end.

The place you want is costing the battle that belongs to you.

This is not right, but the test just will not end.

When will you get it?

The thing that you desire but has not hope to see.

The question cannot be answered because you wrote the test.