Poem: Hurt Tears

Many people wonder why I can’t shed any tears.

I have cried for so long that my water has run dry. 

I tried for years to hold back, but that simply would not work. 

Every time there is a new dagger that goes to my heart.

It always come from the person that made it grow. 

Now that person has slowly turn into a system that you can never say no to.

Instead, you hold it all in and run away.

You go and try to grow, but everyday they cut you down, until there is nothing more to say.

There is nothing more to do. 

The pain is so strong that you never know how it let them go. 

The question lies do you want them to.


Poem: Cry No More

I cannot cry anymore.

Those tears do not live here anymore.

The heart that was once full has shattered.

Pieces are everywhere yet I cannot see them.

The happiness that is supposed to surround me.

They cover the hole where the heart once live.

A place that was always too big.

Now it is no more.

Something has taken it place.

That is dark and can never see the light.

Where my soul will now lie.

A place that I now call home.

So dark and empty is just where I belong.


Poem: Fly Tears

Tears are pouring, but this time not from pain.

At least not the pain that causes the fire to burn.

They realize this is the end and the journey will not be complete.

This time you are okay with the answers of the mission.

The message is still fuzzy, but the vision is precise.

This is where I must leave you.

This where my wings must break for me to fly.

Through the journey will require me to fall I can always start again.

So, my tears are coming, and I am letting them pour.

Poem: The Pit of My Tears

The journey to being free is one that is lost.

The wind blows and you end up in place where no one knows.

A place that is known by all except you.

You try to dig deep down in your soul, but the pit is too far.

You stop before you can even reach the center.

All you want to be able to live.

Most importantly free.

The cost is more than your bank account has to offer.

Your pride is holding the tears from falling down your face.

Yet you smile can no longer hide the broken heart inside.

Why is this journey the hardest to bear?

Not the one that has cuts and screams.

The one that is the easiest to handle has become the hardest to manage.

As the tears start pouring no one can see the pain.

They see the rain that is coming from my eyes.

The sorrow that is buried in my soul is running to hide.

Yet no one ever ask why.

You never volunteer to share.