Poem: Move

Stuck in letting go but feeling free in the willing to stay.

Trying to move forward, but the storm keeps pushing you back.

You try to make things okay, but what is there to be okay about.

The storm is coming closer, but you still cannot move.

You start to cry, but tears fall down your face.

What is happening what is wrong with my feet or is it my soul.

The wind is pushing closer and there is nothing standing around.

You try again, and you still cannot move.

This is it you have given up hope.

Then you stop worrying and let everything be.

Then you became free.

Now you can move.

Poem: Still stuck

Today I cried and the tears never dried.

This is not where I need to be.

The wind has led me to the wrong way.

I did not listen to my soul.

Now I am in a hole that I cannot get out of.

Can I climb out, our is this quicksand will it only make me stay.

Time can no longer tell; the clock has already struck 12.

What else can I do there is nowhere to go.

I miss this train no I am still here once again.

When I wake up what will it be.

Tomorrow is not a new day.

It just a replay of yesterday.