Poem: My Lives

My dreams are not real.

My hopes are just my fears.

The life of my lives live in somewhere between.

The strange things are my common peace.

 When the nightmares come so does my hope.

The things that have been free are now hopeless to me.

Poem: Cried/ Lied

What happen to the carefree joy.

When the world was old, but you were young.

Where the listeners always listen.

To the troubles not lasting until the night fall.

What happen to the time where you could dream.

Where your lovers new all your names.

The things that were passing always making you sing.

Where is the feeling that tonight was the night.

That made everything seem small, but the eyes lied to hide its crime.

That they never told the truth.

All you did was learn how the world always cried.

Yet, they say the eyes never lied.

Poem: The Untold

My eyes no longer hold my truth.

They have sunken into a place that is full of burden.

Trying to figure out which way to go, but constantly getting lost in each direction.

Not realizing that they cannot go where they would want.

They are searching for the whole that has left my heart.

The place that has all the memories that go back so far.

My eyes are now starting to lie.

They have been telling untruths the day you became a memory.

They stop seeing the now and just looking for the past.

Hoping one day to find the piece that made not stop looking away.

Poem: I do not know you.

Do I know you?

I honestly thought I did.

Then with a blink you flip the switch.

These light hurts worse than the dark.

I thought I could trust you, but you never trusted me.

You leave me to carry a flag that never wanted.

Now you expect me to stay.

I know the lights are on now, but the dark will forever be my home.

Now you just do not belong.