Poem: Another Dream

I took a day off.

Then I remember why that simply cannot be.

My life has been on hold, and now it is holding on to something.

Things that made sense are now a blur.

Make believe is not an option that I can have.

I want a dream, but life is simply anything but.

When will I learn to live with me and not a dream?

Is there a dream that I can have to simply be seen?

I would just like to know, before they tell me to go.

Poem: The Pick

I succeed today.

At least that is what I think.

I made the grade that some say was not possible.

I took the leap that faith told me was okay.

Then why do I not feel okay?

Why is my heart and mind not the same?

Which one do I choose?

The one that is always true, or the one that makes me sing the blues.

I cannot not pick so I will let them sit.

In the stench that has become me.

Poem: Wings

The time has come for me to be strong.

The time has come for me to move on from this.

I can no longer lift my head and hide my tears.

I can only shield you from all my fears.

Simply put I am no longer your guardian angel.

I am searching for mine.

The bravery I show is never meant to be dull.

I want to hold you tight, but I can barely hold me.

My wings are meant to cherish, as my heart is meant to break.

Yet I always have a smile on my face.

Meanwhile my wings are breaking.

I can no longer help you fly.

Your angel needs their own.

Even an angel wings break sometimes.

Poem: A Dream No more

I want to write something today.

I want to tell a story that has never been told.

I can feel it deep down, but not in my soul.

A story that no man knows.

The ideas are just floating, but they do not have a place to land.

I keep wanting this dream, but I keep waking up from it.

When will I stop wishing upon a star, and let it happen?

I need this dream, but I am starting to see maybe it does not need me.