Poem: Worth

How can I be better?

When the storm came and all I did was run away.

The rain hit and so did my fears.

I could no longer run from something that I had cause.

My light was no longer dim.

It had become my shadow that follows me dear.

It holds the door when I walk through.

It keeps me calm when red is all around.

Yet, I keep trying to run from all that it brings.

Time is almost up so I must keep going.

When will it be right time for me to just be better.

Is this all that I am worthy.


Another Day

I feel like taking a walk.

To see the beauty that feels your face that was once mine.

To see the highs that has cause my lows.

This is all that I need, but not all that I wish.

I can not give my heart that much grace.

It went out the way the day we fell apart.

That my never found the pieces to put it back together.

They are covered on the floor, that once held us.

Now it is the thing that tear us apart.

It has simply become a different day.

That the pieces of life that are still missing with you.

Poem: HBD

A trip around the sun has happen.

This time you are not here to see it.

I tried to think of words to say that would make it okay.

Then I remember the days I called to say hey.

The days I did not call, and I thought everything was okay.

Now all I want to do is have one more call.

What would I say?

The words simply do not appear.

A day of celebration has turn into a day of sorrow, a day of wishes.

The one thing remains the same.

Today is the day that you came into this place.

So now we celebrate you still even beyond the grave.

Poem:A story To Tell

I have a story that needs to eb told.

It holds the secrets to my soul.

That are so dark that the truth should never be told.

I waited on baited breathe to tell them.

Then I remember the truth that boils the blood inside.

I have story that I want to tell.

It is the one that the grave shall not keep.

The one that only my enemies will feed.

A problem lies with telling it.

There are no ears will ever hear it.