Short Story: The Start of Something

This is just the start of something I am working on at the moment.

The day is here, and it is time to get moving. The sun is peaking through the busted curtain on Jason room. Clothes are scattered all over and Jason is still laying on the bed, he looks at the alarm clock as sees that it is 7:02 and he thinks he can sleep another two minutes, but then he hears a knock on the door.

“Jay, get up it is time to go to school, you do not need to be late.”

“Mom could you please give me three more minutes.”

“Boy get it you only have a week left get up.”

Short Story Part 3: The Night I Almost Forgot

This is part 3 of my short story. This is not the edited version with the finish product. This is just the original idea.

    Why are you keeping asking me that question? That is something that should go without saying. They were my parents I felt the same way about them as you do about your parents as anyone of us does. Almost two years ago, we lost out parents. That was one the saddest time in our lives especially mines; I was the baby. Every day I think about them. They were the most important two people in world to us. They were always there when we needed them, and I was the baby, so they treated me differently than they did my siblings.

So, when I saw what happen to them, it shook me up. Those bodies that’s an image I would never get out of my head. Not in a bad way but in a good way. I know you might not understand, but they kept trying to control my life, telling me what and who I can and cannot be around. I could not live my life like that anymore. I refused to live my life like that. Does it sadden me that they are gone? Well yes. Then I realize I am free they cannot control me anymore. So, do you want to know what happen that night? Sammie did not kill them I did. Oh, but she would have if I told her. I wanted to be the one that did it. I had to, after watching how they treated Mike and April liked there were gods, but when it came to me, I was never good enough. To you all, they seem like the perfect people. They would go to all these benefits donate money to all these causes, but I was their child, and they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about me until they thought I was hurting their image.

    So, on that night in question, I was getting high with Sammie like we normally did, but tonight was different it was my birthday, and my parents did not care they never wish me a happy birthday. When Sammie came up this brilliant idea, that she should kill my parents. At first, it sounded like a joke, but I though hey; now that sounds like a good idea why don’t I do that. So, I snuck into their room that night and waited for the perfect opportunity. Should I tell you what I did?

            After Austin’s descripted monologue about the that night, the District Attorney asked him why he did this, all Austin said was that she told me to. Austin then points over to where his siblings are sitting in the courtroom, and where Sammie is supposed to be sitting but no one is there.

“Who are you pointing to”

“At Sammie; she is sitting right there.” As he starts smiling with an unhappy gleeful smile.

“But Austin, there is no one sitting right there.”

“What do you mean there is no one there she is sitting right there.”

“Austin, Sammie is not here.”

“She is right there look.”

“Austin, Sammie’s dead don’t you remember? She died about a year ago.”

Austin then looks again, and he notice that no one is there. He is stunned, his body is shaking, and he looks over at his sister Kelly and notice that Mike is holding her while the tears just slowly roll down her face. He starts thinking what I did, where am I, as he is looking around the courtroom. The judge yells out.

“Don’t move boy.” Austin minds starts running he calls out to Kelly, but Mike walks her out of the courtroom giving Austin the look of death over what he did. Austin then starts to yell out for Sammie, but she is not around.

“Where is Sammie she was here a few minutes ago where is she?”

“Austin, Sammie’s not here.”

“Yes, she is, we came here together where is she?”

“Austin, there is no way she can be here. She is dead don’t you remember?”


“Sammie died of an overdose; don’t you remember it was a year ago.”

Austin is stunned and confused he cannot believe what he is hearing, then he starts to remember what happen, and the shock and tears roll down his face. Not over the fact that his parents are dead, but that he is the one that killed Sammie. Sammie was the only person that he ever cared for so how this could happen.

Then he remembers that night they both had been drinking, after Austin parents told him that Sammie was no longer allowed at their house. He went over to Sammie house to pick her up, and they went to their usually spot and got drunk. Austin blocked this memory out; he did not want to believe that his friend was gone.

Now he realizes that his parents were trying to help him, but he could not see it. For the first time he starts to cry for his parents, they did love him. It just wasn’t the way in which he wanted them to.  He then remembers back to sit at the kitchen table and his parents warn him that one day Sammie was going to change his life, he just did not expect this.

Short story: The Night I Forgot part 2

This is part two of the story that I wrote years ago.


“How long have you known the defendant for Mr. Black?” The district attorney asked him.

    “I’ve known the Phillip a couple of years now, since my brother was in high school years ago really,” Austin replied.

    “What did your parents think of the defendant? Did they like that your brother was friends with him?”

    “No, they hated that my brother was friends with him, they thought that he was a bad influence on Mike, and they tried to stop it.”

“What did they do to stop it,”

“I can’t remember but I know they hated him.”

“What did you think of your parents, did you like them,” the district attorney asked.

“They were good, I mean they were my, our parents,” Austin replied as he starts shaking and sweating even more now than he did when he walked into the courtroom.

“Did you know Sammie Noel?”

“Yea I know her she is my best friend why?” as he looks over to an empty chair that Sammie is supposedly sitting in.

“Did you parents like her?”

“Not really, but I didn’t care.”

“Have your parents ever made you made before,” the district attorney asked.

“I Mean, what are you asking?”

“Did they ever do anything to make you want to snap?”

What kid parents didn’t make them want to snap, but I got a long with them sometimes, but it was no secret that we bickered a lot.” Austin is looking around the room, and all he can feel is the piercing eyes of the courtroom gazing on him as the secret is out.

“I mean did they ever do something that ticked you off, that would make you say kill them?” The district asked him as he kills a fly on the desk with a roll up piece of paper, and it makes this loud popping noise. Austin is starting to feel the pressure as if time is running out, and.

 The district attorney keeps asking these questions about his parents, and they are driving him insane. It is getting harder to breath more than anything else right now. “Did you ever love you, parents,” Distract Attorney Jackson asks.

 The question threw him for a loop he did not want to answer it but felt he had to. Austin tried to go around the questions, but the district attorney kept asking this issue. Austin is reaching his tipping point and is about to boil over.