Poem: Walls

I cannot cry anymore.

I cannot shed a river for an empty valley.

My eyes are no longer mine.

They belong to someone I have never known.

Yet they look at me as if we belong.

They way this hurt is a test for the rain.

 Just to see if the walls are high enough.

Poem: To be/ See

What happen to my pain.

It used to live close by.

Now it seems to have gone.

Have I moved pass the hurt?

Has it gotten better, and my eyes just do not see.

The storm has come and gone, yet I never got wet.

My heart no longer sees the things that cannot be.

It only holds the truth that stands between you and me.

I guess that is all left to see.

Poem: More To Do

I tried to breathe for a while.

Yet I never could find my breath.

The desire to move only made me stand still.

Trying to leave the group, but only giving more conversation.

The temperature is dropping, but so are my eyes.

When the clock strike 6 they hold no desire.

The wanting to be more is keeping everything the same.

No wonder all I see is pain.

The degree of the stars has passed their prime.

So has mine.

Poem: Cried/ Lied

What happen to the carefree joy.

When the world was old, but you were young.

Where the listeners always listen.

To the troubles not lasting until the night fall.

What happen to the time where you could dream.

Where your lovers new all your names.

The things that were passing always making you sing.

Where is the feeling that tonight was the night.

That made everything seem small, but the eyes lied to hide its crime.

That they never told the truth.

All you did was learn how the world always cried.

Yet, they say the eyes never lied.