Poem: The Road Gone

What happen to the road?

Where has it gone.

It used to be wide open, now everything is closed.

The trees no longer scream your name.

The tunnels are hidden with the truth that has been knocking at death.

Hiding the curves so that you stay outside the lines.

Not making the right decision on which direction to go.

You sit and watch as each light pass your eyes.

They each got a story to tell and none of them involves you.

They do not even mention road in which you should go.

Now you must choose the path to go.

Poem: The Road Choice

This is not what I plan.

This is just the way life takes you.

I looked for a journey to find a new way.

I end up at a crossroad that nobody passes.

I chose the road that was not traveled by many.

I chose the road that few said was the right call, but all wonder where it would go.

Was it the right choice, I will never know?

I am still walking it.

Poem: Dream Road

Here we are once again.

The roads to your dreams, are divided by your hopes for today.

Not knowing which way to turn only leads us to being stuck.

Stuck in a place that has not sand, and no way to move.

Yet you keep going on, hoping that tomorrow something new will come.

Then one day you realize you do not know what they are.

You are clinging to an idea from years past.

That you stop because you did not believe that it could live inside of you.

When will the time come that you can see all this through, or will they just stay a dream?

Poem: The Road light

Walking the roads that holding my heart.

Now my head is hanging low as the trees tear it apart.

Looking at the houses that once stood tall.

Now falling to ground without a soul breath.

Looking ahead trying hard not look back.

I end up stuck in the middle while the light is no longer red.

Trying to figure which way to go.

I look back and see my path is not yet grown.

Wondering why this cannot be when this place is no longer me.

Then I realize this place is me.

This is my first destination, and it looks to be my last.