Poem: Like Me

This time is not my own.

I have nothing yet all I want is nothing.

This is all I am good for is to just be.

I walk around thinking I am doing good.

Then deep down my self-worth is nowhere to be found.

I cannot look into the mirror knowing that person is looking back at me.

I do not know me.

I do no think I am good looking.

I do not think I can stand with everyone.

I do not think that I can love.

I do not think that I could ever be love.

These are my crosses to bear.

The things that keep me up at night.

The same things that hear my midnight cries.

I just cannot be me.

The true is I just do not like me.

Poem: Storm

Why are you here?

I thought this was not the place you wanted to be.

The storm did not bring the rain that you hope for.

It brought the thunder and the lighting I prayed for.

The things that would make you scream.

The love that once stood the test of time is falling with every puzzle piece.

There is nothing here not even hopes and dreams.

The love has faded, and you never notice untiled the page was almost gone.

The eraser has been out on us, and it is almost complete.

Love and life are not meant for us.

The battle of the sun is not worth the life of the moon.

You may not agree with me just know the storm has given us a pass.

A chance to move and it is time for me to let you go.

I do not cry over the love that is lost.

I cry for the things that were not gain.

The battle is not worth the fight.

The storm is finally over and now I see the light.

Poem: Lied

You lied to me.

You told me this was all you needed.

There was nothing out there for you.

This house was you home.

That was not case.

When the storm came, and clouds drifted apart you walked right through them.

There was no hesitation for you to leave, and I could not beg you to stay.

A window was open, and you jump right through.

You lied to me.

I was not the thing that kept you warm.

I was cold and bitter and never left a good taste.

I was everything that you never wanted.

You were everything that I need.

We were the things that made people dream.

I lied to you.

I was never the thing that made you happy.

I was never the one to give you grace.

I was the storm that made the clouds part.

The heat that burns the trees.

The thing that held the wind abbey.

I was the one that made you not want to stay.

I lied to you.

We lied to each other.

Poem: My Eyes

My eyes are not open.

They cannot see the words on the wall, or the ones that stand tall.

They see everything that far, but nothing that is near.

They take nothing that is given but give everything that they got.

My eyes are looking at my soul and it has no light.

It is a place where the dark has call home.

A place where nothing is stored but hatred and self-doubt.

My eyes cannot see the future.

They cannot see the things that I want.

They only see the things that cannot be.

The things that will never come.

I do not trust them.

They are the ones that I got, so I must take care of them.

These are the eyes that has showed me grace.

The ones that have witness the fruits of my trees.

The ones that have led me to place where I can be free.

My eyes are not always good, but they are mine.