Poem: Nowhere

Tears are no longer falling.

The water has run dry.

The dust is taken a new home.

A home I can no longer call.

The wounds that built me lives in the walls, of the dreams I slept.

The sound of a storm still makes me silent.

Scared to make a noise before getting struck with the lighting.

The place that held my back but took it all.

This place is not mine.

This is a dream that I do longer can see.

The hurt is living in the walls to tell another.

This is just a holding until the next.


Poem: Place

Everyday has become the same.

There is nothing new to report.

There is nothing new to say.

I wake up and do what is need, but never what is required.

The day starts early, but it ends the same with me being alone.

I used to run home to see you, but now I no longer can.

I try run away, but my feet are planted to soil.

This is where I must belong.

I come to this place that has no soul, and no life left to live.

The streets that lead this way no longer bright up the day.

The sanctuary that we made has turn into jungle that is filled with memories.

Memories that are slowly drifting away.

The ones that made us cry.

The ones that kept us up late at night.

The tears that came from laughter to the sorrow of watching the kids slip away.

Then it became the place where you last spoke.

The last place I told you I love you.

Now it is the place where I miss you.

This was our place this was our home.

This place is no longer my home.

It is no longer our home.

This is no longer our place.

Poem: New Me

There are no more tears to cry.

The burden that held me down is no more.

Suddenly now I can see the sky through the clouds.

I can hear the singing of the birds.

I can see me.

The pain of going has changed to the joy of what is new.

This is the now the old is no more.

The worry about not being seen to not caring who is seeing.

What was hurting me healed me when I walked away.

That life is gone.

I feel no shame.

I came to the wind and ask for directions.

It sent me here to place that has no name.

The place that was never a dream.

The place that will carry me.

I can be calm as the storm.

I can stand tall as the mighty trees.

I can just for once be me.

Poem: This Place

I need to stay, but I also need to go.

The pain of this place is better than the love it gives.

I need to stop the crying and embrace the moon.

The stars have given me scares, and the stares bring me to tears.

I do not know why this love is no more.

The pain is my friend and I do not want to see it go.

It has shown me the ways to grow.

It has also shown me that the wind does not always move the trees.

I think I must go but staying is worth the beating that hurts the heart.

I have given up on this place.

This place that no longer serves the food for my soul.

We grew apart and that was for the best.

I will always love this place, even if it hates me.