Poem: No More

Another day I have awoken with a breath.

Another day I wish that would not be.

Trying to see the light, but I keep getting surrounded by the shadows.

Asking why are you keeping me?

Why can I not go to the land where my people are free?

Not hearing the answer that I want but hearing the answer that people think I need.

This is not my just because this is not a celebration.

This is years of heartache and pain.

Years of not living a life.

Years of worrying about the cause and effect from others.

To taking the pain you store to yourself.

My heart can no longer break.

I shattered it years ago a day I came to be.

Now it is no more and soon so will I.

Poem: My Forgiven Pain

I cannot forgive you.

I cannot go back to the way things were.

The times has change, but the hurt still feels the same.

The disaster that you reign lives within my veins.

The blood that pumps the heart that you love to break.

Not realizing that you do it almost every day.

I still come back to you and try to make it to another day.

This time I stayed, but tomorrow will never be the same.

The journey of love and life is one that you must obtain.

Then I see your face, and I am reminded of the hurt that you bring.

The sad thing is that you will never go away.

The mirror tells no lies for what is in holds all my pain.

Poem: Just Not Today

I do not want to do this anymore.

My life is worth more than your tears.

My joy brings the sunshine out from the rain.

It heals me when I need pain.

The things I can say that would hurt no longer have words.

The thought of the wind drowns my sorrow.

Living in a bubble that has holds that needs to be pop.

I have learned that I must be me.

I cannot love you the way you love me.

Thinking about the dark only brings me pain.

Deep down that is what makes my heart rain.

Winning and losing is a part of the game we play.

This time I am willing to lose if it means I do not have see you today.

Poem: Lost Pain

Living in a desert of pain you forget feelings.

You forget how the storm is made.

You forget how to shut the eyes so you your tears.

You lose to ability to run and hide.

All you know is pain.

Something that grips your heart and leaves a mark that no one can hide.

The day you left is when my pain began.

The day I dried, and the tears fell like the rain.

I tried to dry them, but I loved the pain.

It is no longer an enemy.

It is my strength to learn to live without you.

Will it last, I do not know?

Do I want it to, no.

I just want to live free without the worries of letting go.