Poem: Pain Me

I do not belong to me anymore.

I cannot see the future that no longer lives in my eyes.

I keep breathing and one day I will stop.

I try to make it through the next day, praying that my heart will stop.

I remember a time when I dream about it all.

I remember the idea that love was the goal.

I think about the days that made me feel free.

Then my thoughts turn to just me.

A person who is worthless to a tree.

A person that just cannot be.

Poem: No More

Another day I have awoken with a breath.

Another day I wish that would not be.

Trying to see the light, but I keep getting surrounded by the shadows.

Asking why are you keeping me?

Why can I not go to the land where my people are free?

Not hearing the answer that I want but hearing the answer that people think I need.

This is not my just because this is not a celebration.

This is years of heartache and pain.

Years of not living a life.

Years of worrying about the cause and effect from others.

To taking the pain you store to yourself.

My heart can no longer break.

I shattered it years ago a day I came to be.

Now it is no more and soon so will I.

Poem: My Forgiven Pain

I cannot forgive you.

I cannot go back to the way things were.

The times has change, but the hurt still feels the same.

The disaster that you reign lives within my veins.

The blood that pumps the heart that you love to break.

Not realizing that you do it almost every day.

I still come back to you and try to make it to another day.

This time I stayed, but tomorrow will never be the same.

The journey of love and life is one that you must obtain.

Then I see your face, and I am reminded of the hurt that you bring.

The sad thing is that you will never go away.

The mirror tells no lies for what is in holds all my pain.