Poem: True

I do not matter.

At least that is what my heart thinks.

It is what makes my head hurt.

It spins so much that I never know when it is turning.

Where can I find the space to be free?

Why does the world hate me?

What can I do to please.

I can not make that wish and I cannot see those beats.

I can try to be better, but that will not make them right.

I just want to make things smooth.

So that ocean can flow beneath your feet.

I think it all means that I must go.

There will be no goodbyes, and no more sorrows.

Just a well wish for a dream that will never come true.


Poem: Pain Me

I do not belong to me anymore.

I cannot see the future that no longer lives in my eyes.

I keep breathing and one day I will stop.

I try to make it through the next day, praying that my heart will stop.

I remember a time when I dream about it all.

I remember the idea that love was the goal.

I think about the days that made me feel free.

Then my thoughts turn to just me.

A person who is worthless to a tree.

A person that just cannot be.

Poem: No More

Another day I have awoken with a breath.

Another day I wish that would not be.

Trying to see the light, but I keep getting surrounded by the shadows.

Asking why are you keeping me?

Why can I not go to the land where my people are free?

Not hearing the answer that I want but hearing the answer that people think I need.

This is not my just because this is not a celebration.

This is years of heartache and pain.

Years of not living a life.

Years of worrying about the cause and effect from others.

To taking the pain you store to yourself.

My heart can no longer break.

I shattered it years ago a day I came to be.

Now it is no more and soon so will I.