Poem: True

I do not matter.

At least that is what my heart thinks.

It is what makes my head hurt.

It spins so much that I never know when it is turning.

Where can I find the space to be free?

Why does the world hate me?

What can I do to please.

I can not make that wish and I cannot see those beats.

I can try to be better, but that will not make them right.

I just want to make things smooth.

So that ocean can flow beneath your feet.

I think it all means that I must go.

There will be no goodbyes, and no more sorrows.

Just a well wish for a dream that will never come true.


Poem: Wrong Beat

Is the truth what I am hearing.

The day to day is not the same.

My heart is next to me.

The thing is my heart has also left me.

The story of us cannot be written.

It tells a sound with words that shares no vowels.

The heartbeat is hitting all the wrong nots.

Yet I keep playing in hopes the everything sounds right.

This is just a sad song that play over and over again.

Poem: My Dreams/ Vision

What happen to my love?

I tried to find you, but it seems as if it all was a dream.

You were standing next to me, but then I was gone.

The stone was changing, and my heart was all it had.  

Trying to be happy because I am here.

Then I turn to the tears and see you are not here.

My love is all over, just your love is all I need.

I search again and still I am left stranded at sea.

Looking for your love, when it should be all over me.

Now I simply cannot see.

It is not the vison that was once in my dreams.

Poem: Wallet

How do I try to make my life right.

When the leaves start to fall, and all I do is go.

Not stopping to hear the rules.

Just breaking them and not looking back.

The same ones that I wrote to hide the hurt.

The hurt you gave, but also the same one I caused.

But the wallet has run dry.

There is no spare change left to fill the void.

The bank is closed, and no loans are allowed.

Now I must start all over, and with all of this I am happy.

I can now begin this journey call life.