Poem: Where Am I

Where am I?

Why is the place so familiar, yet it feels so unsafe?

A valley where all my hopes and dreams have come to lay.

The stream of the river lives by my feet.

I try to move, but the shackles of my life keep bringing me back.

I want to push forward, but I always end up getting knock down.

When will I be able to get over the hill that so many seem to already have climb?

Have I reach my destination?

A place that I do not like, but must stay to try?

I want to be something that simply does not seem to be.

I guess it will just be me.

Poem: This Place

I need to stay, but I also need to go.

The pain of this place is better than the love it gives.

I need to stop the crying and embrace the moon.

The stars have given me scares, and the stares bring me to tears.

I do not know why this love is no more.

The pain is my friend and I do not want to see it go.

It has shown me the ways to grow.

It has also shown me that the wind does not always move the trees.

I think I must go but staying is worth the beating that hurts the heart.

I have given up on this place.

This place that no longer serves the food for my soul.

We grew apart and that was for the best.

I will always love this place, even if it hates me.

Poem: Try to go

This not a storm that I want to battle.

It is one that I need to survive.

The challenges have gotten harder, and my loves have gone.

I do not know where to begin, but I do know where to end.

I want to be me.

The path to being free is full of bumps that you must take.

That is not my case.

My scars never heal.

I urge to belong in something that I no longer can call home.

This is where the secrets lie, and where the bodies have decayed.

My feet move, but my body just lays.

Why me is a question I can no longer ask.

Is this where I must parish, and fight to call it home?

This is only round 1.