Poem: Love You

I love you.

I love you.

The three hardest words to say.

Yet with you they fall off my tongue.

I have written these words before, but I never meant them with love.

This time with you all I do is say them with love.

I am thankful for these words.

They have given me the opportunity to be the person I have always wanted to be.

Now as I lay here looking at the rising sun all I can think about is that I love you.

These words will never grow tired.

They will only deepen the wound that my heart held for so long.

Once again, I must say that I love you for the rest of my days.

Poem: Meet Me

My world is starting to crumble, and I do not have the strength to pick up the pieces.

I do not know how this madness begin.

I just know that I am sinking like quicksand.

There is nothing for me to hold onto.

I am letting go and will lose it all.

As I am sinking deeper, I am no longer afraid.

The worries of life are starting to drip away.

I am becoming the person that I have always wanted to be.

I am getting introduce to the real me.

A person I was never sure I would ever meet.

Someone that does not need to hold their breath.

A person that can finally just be.

The deeper I go the freer I become.

I guess it is time we meet.

Poem: Like Me

Lately I have been searching for ways to understand me.

I have tried to look deep inside and there is nothing.

To see, to feel and to love.

I have never love and I do not know how to love.

The only thing I know is I do not know the person I want to be.

The person that can stand tall and fight any mountain that keeps me from being me.

I do not like the person I see.

I do not like the person I am trying to be.

I just know I like the pain that I bring onto me.

The pain that runs deep into my soul that spills out all over me.

The truth is something that I cannot see.

 I no longer cry for the hurt I bring.

I just smile and pretend that I like the pain.

The truth remains is that I do not like me.

Could it be I just do not know me

Poem: Like Me

This time is not my own.

I have nothing yet all I want is nothing.

This is all I am good for is to just be.

I walk around thinking I am doing good.

Then deep down my self-worth is nowhere to be found.

I cannot look into the mirror knowing that person is looking back at me.

I do not know me.

I do no think I am good looking.

I do not think I can stand with everyone.

I do not think that I can love.

I do not think that I could ever be love.

These are my crosses to bear.

The things that keep me up at night.

The same things that hear my midnight cries.

I just cannot be me.

The true is I just do not like me.