Poem: Beg

Sitting here waiting by the phone.

Trying to find ways to make you come home.

Not trying to beg you to stay.

I just want to see if our love is okay.

Without looking like the fool, I am for you.

When I wish you was not here, I did not know if I would ever want you to stay.

Now it is all that want to beg of you.

I guess my pride is no longer a problem for me.

I need to find something else the blame.

Poem: Letting You go

I do not know how to let you go.

I tried to run, but the shadows always appeared.

I looked for shelter in the arms of another, but the storm always came.

They say lovers never die and I think they might be right.

I feel the eyes of the ocean watching me.

The thoughts of wanting anything, but only getting stuck with fear.

Trying to see the world, but only realizing that mines revolves around yours.

There is no turning back when the clock strikes.

I know we cannot be forever.

I need to just learn to finally let you go.

Poem: How

How do you make your heart love you?

How do you learn to live in the pain, that it no longer becomes grief.

How do you go throughout the day, and you simply do not speak?

How do feel so unloved that you do not recognize it when it shows up.

How do you learn to be.

When all you want to be is still.

Yet the expectations and the feelings that others want only to make you hurt.

It is just tears that no one cares.

How do you just make it to another day when the day is always the same.

How do you do it?


Dreaming of waking and seeing beauty.

Laying without fear but living with the hope.

Showing the guts that are mix with jealousy

These are the signs that the heart wants to make.

I think they are.

I have never experienced the love that leads to pain.

Something so powerful that you voice can no longer sang.

That is what we all want, yet it cannot be achieved.

There is no hope in the water, or in the valley that washes it hands.

You just keep trying to it falls in your hands.

If you can catch it.