Poem: Changes new

I need help.

I need to tell a story.

Something that cannot be written.

Something that my eyes hope is free.

I need to learn and give.

The wind never misses the tress as the storm brings you to its knees.

When will everything be right for me?

I must wait and see.

Poem: Walls

I cannot cry anymore.

I cannot shed a river for an empty valley.

My eyes are no longer mine.

They belong to someone I have never known.

Yet they look at me as if we belong.

They way this hurt is a test for the rain.

 Just to see if the walls are high enough.

Poem: To be/ See

What happen to my pain.

It used to live close by.

Now it seems to have gone.

Have I moved pass the hurt?

Has it gotten better, and my eyes just do not see.

The storm has come and gone, yet I never got wet.

My heart no longer sees the things that cannot be.

It only holds the truth that stands between you and me.

I guess that is all left to see.