Poem: What Happen

What happen here?

What happen to the love of my life?

What happen to my partner in crime?

The one that held me down when the storm start raging.

The person that knew how to hold my hand, and the person they would let me cry.

What happen to nights of wonder?

What happen to tales of thunder from deep underground?

What happen to living free?

Times used to be fun, and the adventures never end.

Now stress is the only thing that seems to never end.

What happen to you my dear?

What happen to love that we carried?

What happen to those sleepless nights?

What happen to us?

More importantly what happen to me.

Poem: Lost at Sea

Lost in the eyes of the sea.

Searching for something that only few can see.

The feeling that everything will be okay.

That everything is free.

The storm is raging in the eyes of the beholder.

Living in the dreams of elder.

The waves are pushing us further out.

That we no longer can see the land.

Yet I am not worried.

I am not scared.

This was all in the plan, one that I never could see.

I know this could be the end, but my peace has finally made land.

The water is getting above our heads, yet I lost my breath awhile back.

This is a disaster I have dream, but not the nightmare I envision.

This is what it feels like to be love.

Poem: Skyfall

The time of day that I have miss are the ones where we rest.

The days where we let the sky tell us time.

We would sit on the swing and not say a word.

Everything that needs to be spoken is said in the quietness as the sun rises.

The fights would end as we sit.

Nights come and fade, but the daybreak is what gave us dreams.

Dreams that we were living became nightmares from our past.

Thinking about the time when we met to times when we were apart.

When we count the days the sun would rise, and when the nighttime fall.

Now those times are back again.

This time we do not have return date.

The sun still rises, but one of us no longer do.

Poem: Lied

You lied to me.

You told me this was all you needed.

There was nothing out there for you.

This house was you home.

That was not case.

When the storm came, and clouds drifted apart you walked right through them.

There was no hesitation for you to leave, and I could not beg you to stay.

A window was open, and you jump right through.

You lied to me.

I was not the thing that kept you warm.

I was cold and bitter and never left a good taste.

I was everything that you never wanted.

You were everything that I need.

We were the things that made people dream.

I lied to you.

I was never the thing that made you happy.

I was never the one to give you grace.

I was the storm that made the clouds part.

The heat that burns the trees.

The thing that held the wind abbey.

I was the one that made you not want to stay.

I lied to you.

We lied to each other.