Poem: Written

Thinking .

Wondering .


Is it working?

Not yet.

Poem: Hills of Time

Time is the enemy that we all have.

It is something that drives this life we live.

We try to run from it, but it always catches us.

That is why we this game is called life.

At some point the time will stop.

The darkness can no longer keep us safe.

The hill is only as tall as the mountain behind it.

The way to the top can also lead you to the bottom.

The wind will blow you one way.

It is up to us to figure out what to do with it.

One day could be today, and then tomorrow will never come.

This could be the end and all that is left to be done.

Poem: Do you love me?

Do you love me?

I know that sounds strange but sometimes I just do not know.

You look at me and smile then you walk away with your head bowed.

Did I do something wrong?

Yes, I know I caused pain mighty than the worst hurricane.

 I know you said I do, but I sometimes I think that was not you.

Have I cause that much pain?

Where did we go wrong?

You hold my hand when we walk out that door, but once it is shut you do not know me anymore.

I cannot stop the tears that have fallen.

I cannot count the ways in which I made a twinkle in your eye.

You always say yes to anything I say.

You look away and I see the hurt on your face.

We have been through so much, yet I think that we are through.

Is this a battle I should fight, or is it one that I have already lost?

I ask you this everyday and your answer stay the same.

I just must ask once more just to be sure.

This time do not run and hide.

Hold your head up high.

I just need to know.

Do you love me?


This week I have done some thinking about my life now, and what is next for me. I do not have the answer and I do not know when that will come or if it will come. I have a lot of self-doubt about myself and if I have the strength to get it done anything really. Most important do I have the mental strength to fight to be happy. Do not get me wrong I am mentally strong, but sometimes it gets hard to just hang you head out there to dry, and to fail.

Something about me people do not know is that I am not good with confrontation and criticism. Failure is a way for you to learn, and you can only grow from what you do not know.

I appreciate the criticism, but it gets hard to hear how bad you are at something. You can think that you are doing good then, that one person says something to you and that is all you can think about.  

That is just something that I need to work on, I try to, but it is hard. That is just a part of life, I guess. Another thing I forgot to say is that I am not writing as much as I did last year. This year I feel as if something is missing, and I just do not know what that is. I have the ideas, but I just cannot seem to find the words. I think I need a writing partner, but I do not know.