Poem: Hurt Tears

Many people wonder why I can’t shed any tears.

I have cried for so long that my water has run dry. 

I tried for years to hold back, but that simply would not work. 

Every time there is a new dagger that goes to my heart.

It always come from the person that made it grow. 

Now that person has slowly turn into a system that you can never say no to.

Instead, you hold it all in and run away.

You go and try to grow, but everyday they cut you down, until there is nothing more to say.

There is nothing more to do. 

The pain is so strong that you never know how it let them go. 

The question lies do you want them to.


Poem: Stories

How do I tell this story?

One that has no words, but says everything out loud.

The way we move, but not the way we sway.

The stories that brighten up a room, but also make it go silent.

The ones that hold the heart but let loose the tongue for every word unsaid.

Ideas are far from over, but they are almost empty.

The pen is never able to meet the paper.

I want to tell stories, that are hard.

That keep the eyes open.

Poem: spark

The spark in my eyes have died.

The village that raised me has wash away.

I cannot speak into the things that do not exist.

I keep trying to prove that I have it all.

Yet I have none of it.

I do not care for it.

I just cannot care for me.

I sit in agony worried about the things that have change.

While not working on the things that have can be change.

I just do not know where to begin.

I just know where to end.