Poem: started

I started a journey today.

One that will soon end.

It gave me hope.

Then it gave me tears.

I started a journey today.

One that I will never know how to end.

Poem: Path

A new journey is about to begin.

Yet I am still stuck in the one that ended a year ago.

Changes are running the air.

Making me think is this life fair?

The hugs that cry from ones that are gone.

To the streets songs that are no longer.

A path that is divided by my truth and now.

To the hunting that one thrill that cure my nerves.

Now the village of my peers is all that I deserve.

That is the mind playing trick of the brain with my heart.

To run a path that is slow and steady.

To jump across cross and get there early.

That is what I must chose and neither one will pick me.

Poem: Unknown Journey

Tears are no longer fill with worry.

Joy is not a concern for tomorrow.

What the storm says it will always go.

The life of others is no longer apart of mine.

Thing thoughts of destruction has left my eyes.

The pain that made me swell has can no longer make me cry.

I cannot see the future, but I am letting go of my past.

Hearing the bell that used to ring loud and clear.

To know listening to the wind as it whispers in my ear.

Not knowing where I will land just thankful to go.

I am starting to understand this journey is not my own.