Poem: My One

The smell of a rose is not always sweet.

The taste of food can sometimes be bitter.

The sound of the ocean is not always peaceful.

The moments I spent with you have not been that great.

The thing is I would not trade any of these things because they have been with you.

Sure, we do not always get along, but we know how to act accordingly.

The rock does not always skip across the water, but that does not stop you from trying.

The sun does not always bring light, but without it we would not get a chance to blow and grow.

I am glade that we are still standing tall, even though some of our branches have been cut down.

There may be times I do say how much you mean to me, but know my heart always aches for you.

When that day comes where it no longer can beat, just know you are with me.

You are my love, my pain, but most important you will always be the one for me.