Poem: How

How do you make your heart love you?

How do you learn to live in the pain, that it no longer becomes grief.

How do you go throughout the day, and you simply do not speak?

How do feel so unloved that you do not recognize it when it shows up.

How do you learn to be.

When all you want to be is still.

Yet the expectations and the feelings that others want only to make you hurt.

It is just tears that no one cares.

How do you just make it to another day when the day is always the same.

How do you do it?

Poem: Cold

Why do I always have to be strong?

Can I have some help besides the tears that always follow.

Does anybody even care?

Honestly, I cannot tell.

I never like me, now I am finding out that I do not love me.

I hide from my fear, but they are all I got.

They keep me warm at night, but they also keep me cold.

I guess that explains my soul.

Poem: My Forgiven Pain

I cannot forgive you.

I cannot go back to the way things were.

The times has change, but the hurt still feels the same.

The disaster that you reign lives within my veins.

The blood that pumps the heart that you love to break.

Not realizing that you do it almost every day.

I still come back to you and try to make it to another day.

This time I stayed, but tomorrow will never be the same.

The journey of love and life is one that you must obtain.

Then I see your face, and I am reminded of the hurt that you bring.

The sad thing is that you will never go away.

The mirror tells no lies for what is in holds all my pain.

Poem: Just Not Today

I do not want to do this anymore.

My life is worth more than your tears.

My joy brings the sunshine out from the rain.

It heals me when I need pain.

The things I can say that would hurt no longer have words.

The thought of the wind drowns my sorrow.

Living in a bubble that has holds that needs to be pop.

I have learned that I must be me.

I cannot love you the way you love me.

Thinking about the dark only brings me pain.

Deep down that is what makes my heart rain.

Winning and losing is a part of the game we play.

This time I am willing to lose if it means I do not have see you today.