Poem: Tale As You

A tale as old as me.

A memory that I can no longer see.

Feeling as blue as the ocean.

Looking to the moon hoping to see the future.

Not knowing the things that ones have lost.

The fire we lost our powers.

The rain has cast us stones.

The wish of yes is the vision of tomorrow.

This is my now, and I must make a move.

Stress will cause me death, but love will cause me you.

Poem: Just Question

Trying to see the light, but it is too bright.

Trying to find the hope, but I just do not care.

Looking for love that others seem to share.

Not thinking about the present worrying about things that I did not do.

My tears are real, but to you they just do not hit the mark.

Why do I live in this much pain?

Why is it hard for me escape the things?

This is not what I want, but it is feeling like something that I deserve.

I have never been an angel, but the devil never met me.

I just want to go.

Go to a place that most would call home.

Maybe then I will get some rest and finally be at peace.

Poem: No More

Another day I have awoken with a breath.

Another day I wish that would not be.

Trying to see the light, but I keep getting surrounded by the shadows.

Asking why are you keeping me?

Why can I not go to the land where my people are free?

Not hearing the answer that I want but hearing the answer that people think I need.

This is not my just because this is not a celebration.

This is years of heartache and pain.

Years of not living a life.

Years of worrying about the cause and effect from others.

To taking the pain you store to yourself.

My heart can no longer break.

I shattered it years ago a day I came to be.

Now it is no more and soon so will I.

Poem: Dear Truth

Dear truth, why did you lie.

You said it would be easy, but so far it has been no fun.

Dear truth, where did you go?

You said you would stay, but why did you run?

My life was simply until I met you.

You told me the strength was all I needed to make it through.

My hopes, my dreams are now washed away with you.

You gave me everything, but you.

Dear truth, I hate you.

I tried to be nice, but it was too good for you.

So goodbye, farewell, this is the end, my time with you is all I have left.

No more hurt, no more pain, this is last time I will see your face.

Dear truth, thank you.