Poem: A Fade

Where does this pain go?

It seems to just sit in the heart until it can no longer break.

The thoughts circle the ocean that has sunk to the depths of my mind.

I cannot reach the hope that waits above.

I thought I was okay, but I can no longer lie.

I can no longer hide the tears that I want to fall.

Sitting in the despair, that has become my me.

The light no longer shines bright.

It is starting to fade as am I.

Poem: Last Wish

Why can’t I love you?

I tried so hard.

There is just something that is making it hard.

Leaving crumbs in hopes that your heart will follow.

Then they disappear and now they are gone like tomorrow.

I just cannot love you.

No matter how hard I tried.

Something is missing from deep inside.

I have given up all hope that love can exist.

I have one last chance and I think I might make that wish.

I never wish upon a star.

Tonight, I think I might.

Then that will be my last wish.

Poem: Last Days

The seed is turning.
The tide has risen.
The ocean has started to listen.
No one is talking.
The love is burning the flame.
Showering the water with the open glaze.
Listening to the winds brush it away.
Not knowing that this is our last days.
The last days of a love that made mountains.
The love the broke hills.
The love that no longer has a lover.
This is the end of our days.