Poem: The Road Gone

What happen to the road?

Where has it gone.

It used to be wide open, now everything is closed.

The trees no longer scream your name.

The tunnels are hidden with the truth that has been knocking at death.

Hiding the curves so that you stay outside the lines.

Not making the right decision on which direction to go.

You sit and watch as each light pass your eyes.

They each got a story to tell and none of them involves you.

They do not even mention the road in which you should go.

Now you must choose the path to go.


Poem: Love Not Here

I took a journey today.

To a place I thought I miss.

A place where love reign.

Turns out it no longer needs me.

It simply wants me.

At least that is what my eyes say.

It is not what my mind says.

I had to learn and now I finally can see.

This is a destination, but it no longer where I belong.  

Poem: Last Days

The seed is turning.
The tide has risen.
The ocean has started to listen.
No one is talking.
The love is burning the flame.
Showering the water with the open glaze.
Listening to the winds brush it away.
Not knowing that this is our last days.
The last days of a love that made mountains.
The love the broke hills.
The love that no longer has a lover.
This is the end of our days.