Poem: Fail

I tried I fail.

Tomorrow I will try and I might fail.

Then tomorrow I will try and I will fail.

Then I try once more and hope that I will not fail.

The end I fail.

Poem: Last Days

The seed is turning.
The tide has risen.
The ocean has started to listen.
No one is talking.
The love is burning the flame.
Showering the water with the open glaze.
Listening to the winds brush it away.
Not knowing that this is our last days.
The last days of a love that made mountains.
The love the broke hills.
The love that no longer has a lover.
This is the end of our days.

Poem: Go Back

I need to go.

This is not for me.

I need to go back to the place that no longer remembers my name.

A place that holds my heart, but also holds my pain.

Where rain never shines, but the sun is always pouring.

The one thing I tried to escape keeps calling my name.

Yet I keep running.

From what I am not sure.

I just know that my heart is no longer there.

This is the bounty my heart must pay.

The sting of living when the ones that should be are not.

The disaster of this duster is all that one can muster.

I need to go back.

That was once my home

Poem: A Home

I have no home.

A place that makes me feel warm and not cold.

Some place where my tears are always dry.

Instead, I have a place where they angel will not sing.

A desert where I am always alone.

I sit in the same spot trying to cure my sorrows.

Then I remember they are all I got left to get me through the day.

Never a love that I can give time.

Never I moment that I can simply call mine.

This is just a place that somehow has become my home.