Poem: Write

I keep trying to find the words to write, but I have nothing to say.

I just do not know where they went, but they are no longer in me.

Pen and paper are no longer my friend, and I do not know where they went.

I want to write, but what do I say?

Can I say it, or will it all be a mistake?

I just know right now I cannot write.

Poem: Break

Why can I not take a break?

Why must the world ride my back?

When will I become free of the worries that do not belong to me?

I try to give hope and pleasure to ones that do not care.

Pleasing the people when you are only a body that has no soul.

Leads to the burnout of the flames that heat my soul.

When will it be enough?

Or is it enough?

Poem: Go Back

I need to go.

This is not for me.

I need to go back to the place that no longer remembers my name.

A place that holds my heart, but also holds my pain.

Where rain never shines, but the sun is always pouring.

The one thing I tried to escape keeps calling my name.

Yet I keep running.

From what I am not sure.

I just know that my heart is no longer there.

This is the bounty my heart must pay.

The sting of living when the ones that should be are not.

The disaster of this duster is all that one can muster.

I need to go back.

That was once my home

Poem: Life’s clues

Life is a mystery that can never be solve.

You work to look for the clues, but they never get you closer to the answers.

Opportunities come and go, but something stay knocking at your door.

These are the ones that make you run and hide.

The things that make the light so bright that you never can see.

Then when they start to fade you wonder where they could be.

They are gone and now your life has lost the meaning it once had.

The things that gave you desire no longer gives you strength.

Now you are back at one looking for the clues that have no answers.

You keep searching and hope that one day you get to next one before it is done.