Poem: Wrong Beat

Is the truth what I am hearing.

The day to day is not the same.

My heart is next to me.

The thing is my heart has also left me.

The story of us cannot be written.

It tells a sound with words that shares no vowels.

The heartbeat is hitting all the wrong nots.

Yet I keep playing in hopes the everything sounds right.

This is just a sad song that play over and over again.


Poem: Angel

How did my angel break my heart?

How did my angel not love me?

Where did the love go wrong.

Why has our time come and gone?

When will we ever become one?

Is it something that I could wish upon.

The stars have fallen far.

There is no hope for us anymore.

I just wish I had an angel I could wish for.

Someone who I know wants my heart.

Someone who will play all my cards.

I guess I am the angel I have wish for.

Poem: Cold

Why do I always have to be strong?

Can I have some help besides the tears that always follow.

Does anybody even care?

Honestly, I cannot tell.

I never like me, now I am finding out that I do not love me.

I hide from my fear, but they are all I got.

They keep me warm at night, but they also keep me cold.

I guess that explains my soul.