Poem: Words

Words are no longer starting to matter.

My thoughts are drowning in the wonder that no longer holds my mind.

The danger that I thought I knew became the one I forgave.

Living a dream also means living a nightmare.

The difference is only one of them is true.

Trying to find things to exist but knowing that we do not.

I know you might not understand where I am coming from.

Just understand that this is my story.

I have all the words that need to be told.

Poem: The Battle

I lost my battle today.

I am not sure where to begin.

Everything started out fair, but my dear we were never on the same team.

 It was always a battle of one.

This time the enemy was me.

The winds were never sure where the mighty will turn.

The lands of truth and honor have never green us all.

The words the hurt that never lives the throne.

Have only left mountains of hills that you can call home.

The things that are never have made the fight most clear.

The things are far is what drives the rage in your heart.

A stone that has no shield to protect.

You gave it your all but was simply not enough.

Pleasing was never your best.

Just scares like all the rest.

This time will be new.

The battle may be lost, but the war has just begun.

Poem: Another Love Search

Another day, another night to be alone.

Sitting waiting hoping someone will answer your call.

Not realizing you must be the one to make the first step.

The only problem is you never learn how to walk.

Now you are doing the same thing you did 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

You are alone with no love or friends to call.

Correction friends do exist you just do not talk.

When will the time come that love will knock on your door, and fill the room?

Is there a love that is out there for you?

You hope so because it is tiring to be alone.

Poem: Just The Same

Trying to find the words, but I am always coming up short.

This was supposed to be fun, not it just seems like a test.

A test that I just cannot seem to pass.

Writing repeatedly, and everything is the same.

I miss the feel over saying something new.

Now it is just a job that is making me blue.

I keep doing it every day knowing that it is the same.

Trying to be clever, but people have caught up to my game.

This maybe it as I say every day, but then comes tomorrow and I am back again.

So, goodbye for now, until I can find the rain once again.