Poem: Letting it Go

I cannot love you anymore.

Because I do not love me, and that is all you need.

The stars are aligned, but my knees are weak.

To hold the world means to have it all.

Now I choose to let it go.

Though the wind is high, and the season has change.

The love that blooms in me has died again.

This is the last time you will hear me say those three words that for which you pray.

You are free to go, and I am letting you be

Just understand it is not you it is only me.

Now go weep and dry those tears.

Hate me as you will, but this is it my dear.

The highs were high, and lows were cold.

But you do not love me, and now I see it clear.

One last thing I need to say.

Thank you for teaching me pain does not always come with tears.

Poem: Gotta Go

I just cannot be the moon that grows trees.

The light that shows the animals the way.

The day has come for me to walk, and I just want to run.

I know this is not correct, but there is nothing else.

The tress no longer bring fruit.

The stars no longer make me sing.

This is the only way this could be.

You will never know the struggle of me.

The list is long, and the pen has run out of ink.

The road is calling me, and this time I am going to take that train.

Poem: Let Me Go

Sorry to bother you, but do you remember me.

I am the person that knew you back then.

The person that always wanted to hold your hand.

I am the person that would give you my all, and not shed a tear.

I am the person that loves you.

You are the person that I hold dear.

You are the person that makes everything glow without me giving you water.

The times we have are ones that I cherish.

The time we lost are the worst to dream.

The end is upon us, and I cannot think.

Do you remember me?

I am the person that loved you.

This is where my tears start to pour.

This is where I will scream no more.

This is where our love has come to die.

The time is now, and I do not know why.

I must let you go.

I can no longer care or give you the things you need.

And you can no longer for me.

So, I am letting you go.

Can you let me go?

Poem: Go, I must.

I am scared.

This is a feeling that I keep getting,

I should not be feeling like this, but it keeps happening repeatedly.

Deep down I know what must be done,

But I am terrified to make that leap.

They say have faith, but I lost that years ago.

Faith and me no longer can coexist.

I need a push.

A push that will hurt, but I need that pain.

I need to move on, but I cannot.

My feet are glued to the floor.

They are stuck with what is right, and what is best.

I am lost in this world that I no longer want to be.

I just want this to end.

I cannot be here anymore.

This is what is best for me.

My heart is no longer hear, and I can no longer bear this pain.

I can never make the right decision for me.

I guess that is because I never believed in me.

Now it is time.

It is time to move on,

But I have been stuck in this spot for years.

It has become my home.

A home I use to, but no longer want.

So, I think I must go.

It will not be easy, but it is for the best.

I must find my heart.

So, I must go.

Go, I must.