Poem: Lost Friend

The shadows of light are no longer.

The feeling of warmth is now surrounded by the bitter cold.

Getting up is no longer easy.

Walking is making me lose my breath.

Knowing that you are leaving and now I cannot speak.

The person that has held my hand and wipe my tears.

Is leaving me and I do not know how to feel.

I cannot go numb that would mean that this is real.

Dreaming about the days when life was sweet.

To now trying to hold back the tears, to point where I cannot see.

I know we will meet again.

Our table is already booked.

One day I will be okay, but right now I am missing my best friend.

Poem: Forgive

The sun is out today.

The sun was out yesterday but was not as bright.

I hope it comes out tomorrow, so maybe I can see it.

I remember the last time you saw the sun.

It was only for a second, but it seemed as if it lasted for hours.

I remember the tears, that ran down your face.

The hurt I caused that made you that way.

I never said I was sorry.

I just let the pain sit on the depths of your heart.

Instead of trying to heal it, I only stirred the pot.

Do I feel sorry, yes, will I apologize no.

I know I should, but my heart is hurt too.

My pain is ignored because yours is worst.

Pain is pain and neither one of us did the right thing.

We both had the knife, and the only difference is you stuck first.

I just went a little deeper.

That is what made us.

This is also what broke us.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel different, but now I just cannot say I am sorry.

Poem: The Friend

Darkness is my friend.

We get along so well.

That I need it to live.

It is everything I used to fear,

But now I hold it dear.

Light and I used to be cool.

Me and light are no longer good,

It scares me for the happiness it brings.

We used to be friends, best friends indeed.

Then I saw it go out of the very thing I love.

Without knowing it my heart went dark.

It has stayed that way since we went apart.

Maybe I will find the light again,

But right now darkness is my best friend.