Poem: The Final Goodbye

If I were to drop dead right now, would you miss me?

I would not.

What is there to miss.

You do not like me now, and most importantly I do not like me.

I have no love, and I have none to give.

My time is not valuable, and lately I have not been feeling worthy.

I think it is best for me to go.

Do not cry.

It is not like you were going to do it anyway.

I will not be there to help you wipe them up.

Those tears would not be for me.

They would be for things you need from me.

It is my time to go, so please let me.

My heart is no longer beating, and I do not have the strength to keep this up.

This is it!

The final goodbye.

Where I will go, no one knows.

Just know this house is no longer my home.

Poem: Go Forward

The time is now.

There is no tomorrow, and yesterday is gone.

This is your time.

Do not be afraid, what could go wrong.

Everything could go wrong.

That is the beauty of life.

You never know what will happen, but you live for the unknown.

People have always told you no, and this time you are telling yourself yes.

There is so much more you can do, but you fear everything.

Now you are about to walk through that door.

Hold your head high and go forward.

It may not be where you want to land, but jump.

Just remember that tomorrow is a new day.

Poem: Love

Love, have we ever met?

I do not think so.

I have always thought that love comes with pain and pain is love.

I am constantly let down every time I see you.

This time something is different.

There is no pain but joy.

I never want to be apart.  

Even better what we are when we are together.

The spark comes alive, but when you are gone, sometime so am I.

I started to that there was no you without me.

If you are gone, where will I go.

That is something I do not want to know the answer.

Pain and I were best friends at one point.

No matter where I was it was there.

It had become my greatest love.

Then you walk in, and I never thought this could be.

Where was the hurt, the angry, the wanting this to end?

It did not happen.

I wonder what this is.

Could this be it?

I started to think is this love.

Is this all I want and more?

The answer was yes.

Poem: Next Time

Another day, another let down.

This is my life, and I should be used to it.

I keep trying and getting the same results.

Why is this happening to me?

Is it the light that surrounds me?

It used to be bright, but as time went it has gone down with the sun.

Will it rise again?

It does not look so.

Maybe it is time for me to let it all go.

It seems everyone else has.

I look in the mirror and ask am I good enough?

The mirror never answered me back.

Maybe next time I will be better.

I always hope it will be, but the answer always come back the same.

Not, yet.