Poem: Fail

I tried I fail.

Tomorrow I will try and I might fail.

Then tomorrow I will try and I will fail.

Then I try once more and hope that I will not fail.

The end I fail.

Poem: Be Loved

Holding on to the secret of wanting to let it all go.

Not hiding back, the fact that your heart is gone.

Trying hard to not let the tears fall down your face.

Realizing that the end is here, and you missed it all.

Love was raining down on you and now it is all gone.

You never know you are love until you stop loving.

By then it is too late to even try to care.

Then pain become the one thing you say you no longer need.

It becomes your friend, and it stays buried deep inside.

It holds your hand when you try to cry.

It lets the tears know that nobody cares.

It starts to go away once something new arrives.

Then once again you missed what it feels to be loved.

Poem: Hills of Time

Time is the enemy that we all have.

It is something that drives this life we live.

We try to run from it, but it always catches us.

That is why we this game is called life.

At some point the time will stop.

The darkness can no longer keep us safe.

The hill is only as tall as the mountain behind it.

The way to the top can also lead you to the bottom.

The wind will blow you one way.

It is up to us to figure out what to do with it.

One day could be today, and then tomorrow will never come.

This could be the end and all that is left to be done.