Poem: A Fade

Where does this pain go?

It seems to just sit in the heart until it can no longer break.

The thoughts circle the ocean that has sunk to the depths of my mind.

I cannot reach the hope that waits above.

I thought I was okay, but I can no longer lie.

I can no longer hide the tears that I want to fall.

Sitting in the despair, that has become my me.

The light no longer shines bright.

It is starting to fade as am I.


Poem: Fade

What happen to the time?

We used to have so much of it.

Now it is all but gone.

There is no turning back the hands of time.

It is only forward we go.

You can always look back at the memories that we made.

It is just that the memories fade.

Tick, tick is all that we hear.

Just as the rain fall with all our fears.

Time is moving as we are growing.

The end is coming yet we have just started living.

I think the time to take chances are now.

Do not wait the clock certainly is not.