Poem: waiting

I am starting to write my dream.

I am no longer waiting on them to be served.

The light that heats the table now keeps it cold.

The dark is holding my strings tight.

I just cannot find the words to write.

That will change within the day.

I go back to reality and that is not saying my name.

When will this happen, the time is clicking.

I just want to tell the stories that my dream has always heard.

Poem: Hope So

I saw myself today.

I do not know how to feel.

The person that was looking back made me feel real.

The sense of losing hope crosses the door.

The idea of not looking no more is all I could cure.

The eyes that weep for the past, now glimmer with the dreams for the year.

Is this correct.

The person that is looking back is seeing the same one as me.

Is this the future that was once dim is not fully bright?

I truly hope so, maybe then everything will be all right.

Poem: My Wish

Why did you leave me?

Was I not enough for you?

Did my heart not beat harder for you?

Were my wants too much for you to bare?

Was it the way that I never called your name?

I sit alone as the night fades and pray that the daybreak never come.

Asking myself where did I go?

As if you never came into my world.

Trying hard not to cry so that it does not show that I care.

Hiding from people that always calls to check in, but in disbelief when they answer my call.

I am trying to find the words to show how much I miss you.

I just do not want to say them.

Then it will mean that it is all true.

The last time we spoke was the last time I said I love you.

Now I wish I never said goodbye.

I wish that you could see me cry, so you can wipe the tears from my eyes.

There is so much I could as for, but that is all I wish.

I know that it is too much to ask so that is why I wish.