Poem: Before

I have been sitting waiting for the light.

Not knowing when it will hit me that the time is right.

I walk into a sea that was not filled with creatures.

It held the desire that were lost in the depths of my mind.

This is the start of a new chapter, yet I still cannot write.

I know this is the beginning, but it seems I have been here before.

When does the wind stop blowing and the sea starts to part?

I see it soon, but what does that mean anyway.

Poem: Job Done

The chapter that meant so much to you, but it only gave you hurt is about to close.

The lesson you learned are the ones that you refuse to be told.

This is where you were made, but not where you will die.

This is happening and you are trying hard not to cry.

The tears would mean that it was good.

That this was love.

This is it, there is no turning back.

The place that holds all the secrets will stop holding yours.

There will be no more worrying about the people.

The things they would say.

No more thinking about the place.

You have given it your all and now there is no more.

The door is closing, and you are standing still.

The job was hard, but now it is done.  

Poem: Knock at the Door

Pain is knocking at my door.

I am thinking about opening it, but my feet cannot move.

It keeps knocking and knocking, but I do not say a word.

I know what needs to happen, it was in the plans for months.

I am just afraid of what will happen or if it would come.

This is not the first time it has knock, the last time I was not afraid to open the door.

Now, I am getting terrified what do I do.

It is going to come in one way or the other, but this time I do not want it.

We were friends, that used to see other from time to time.

It was never great, but it was needed.

Then it would leave, and everything would be gold.

I was happy, but now I no longer know how to feel.

This door is getting bigger and bigger, and the knocks are getting louder.

Is this the end, will I make it through?

I guess I need to just open the door.