Poem: I do not know you.

Do I know you?

I honestly thought I did.

Then with a blink you flip the switch.

These light hurts worse than the dark.

I thought I could trust you, but you never trusted me.

You leave me to carry a flag that never wanted.

Now you expect me to stay.

I know the lights are on now, but the dark will forever be my home.

Now you just do not belong.

Poem: Climb

The sun has come home, but the light is not here.

I want to see something that I have never seen.

A stream of love that is overshadow by fear.

Then I cannot believe that this is me.

Why do I live for the pain rather than run from the hope.

This is not the path I have chosen to walk.

This is the hill I must climb to see the stream that love flows.

I just do not know how long I can climb.

Night falls soon, and I am not sure what the dark holds.

Poem: Back Once More

Darkness has return.

It is looking for a place that light cannot see.

A spot that is so pure that joy makes it bleed.

There is only one place where it can go, and you know it well.

Your heart.

The place where love never seems to stay.

The place where nothing is meant to be, but heartache and misery.

The pieces that made it are now the pieces that break it.

The whole is never the same, and it never will be.

You cannot find help to heal the wound.

The dark is creeping closer, and this time will you let it in?

Poem: Dark Again

There you are I have not seen you in a while.

How is the light treating you?

Is it everything you wanted, is it showing you your dream?

Do not let me get in your way, this is what you have always wanted.

You have always wanted the love that was around, but you never found.

The things that seemed so wrong have always made you feel right.

Then what happen you lost it all.

 You realize the hopes are for the ones that likes to dream.

That was never you and now you are back with me.

We meet again this time it is not for fun.

This time it will last.

Forever is a while.

The pain is here is stay, and this time you will pay.

So, darkness are you there?