Poem: Walls

I cannot cry anymore.

I cannot shed a river for an empty valley.

My eyes are no longer mine.

They belong to someone I have never known.

Yet they look at me as if we belong.

They way this hurt is a test for the rain.

 Just to see if the walls are high enough.


Poem: Cry No More

I cannot cry anymore.

Those tears do not live here anymore.

The heart that was once full has shattered.

Pieces are everywhere yet I cannot see them.

The happiness that is supposed to surround me.

They cover the hole where the heart once live.

A place that was always too big.

Now it is no more.

Something has taken it place.

That is dark and can never see the light.

Where my soul will now lie.

A place that I now call home.

So dark and empty is just where I belong.


Poem: Truly

Do not cry for me.

Do not shed a tear.

That will not cure the pain that my heart no longer fears.

The sense of hope that now lives in my veins.

The thrills of victory are not cover by defeat.

Trying to win is no longer appetite for me.

When will the ocean learn how to see?

When will the bell never ring?

The same time you stop being with me.

The thought of having it all hurts to bad that I do not want it at all.

I cannot miss you.

If I, do it would mean that I truly love you.