Poem: Pain Me

I do not belong to me anymore.

I cannot see the future that no longer lives in my eyes.

I keep breathing and one day I will stop.

I try to make it through the next day, praying that my heart will stop.

I remember a time when I dream about it all.

I remember the idea that love was the goal.

I think about the days that made me feel free.

Then my thoughts turn to just me.

A person who is worthless to a tree.

A person that just cannot be.

Poem: Fly Tears

Tears are pouring, but this time not from pain.

At least not the pain that causes the fire to burn.

They realize this is the end and the journey will not be complete.

This time you are okay with the answers of the mission.

The message is still fuzzy, but the vision is precise.

This is where I must leave you.

This where my wings must break for me to fly.

Through the journey will require me to fall I can always start again.

So, my tears are coming, and I am letting them pour.

Poem: Life’s Test

What did I do?

I thought I was going right, now somehow, I have gone left.

This was not the plan; this is not me.

I miss the old me the one that was hurt and confused.

The one that knew how to win, but always lose.

I jump and I landed, but it still seems as if I missed.

My better choice has left me more broken then heal.

The stress is gone, but the pain still leaves on.

Is this me?

Is this life I am living?

Why do I lose even when I win?

The chance to thrive has left me heartbroken inside.

There is no more for me to do, I am lost, and I truly do not know what to do.

The hope for better, has caused me pain for what I miss.

I guess the test is pass, and now how can I still miss.

Better is not always right, sometimes being hurt is what gives you your meaning of life.

Life has no meaning without just being.

Poem: Why did you go?

This is not the end.

There is so much more to tell, but time is not our friend.

We met on a cold winter night, now we are back here once again many years later.

This is the story of our lives, one that needs to be told.

You and me together until the end of time.

At least that is what I thought, that was the plan well my plan.

Sometimes I guess plans change, and our changed without my approval.

It was supposed to be a quick trip something to clear your mind.

You went to the place that held the other side of your heart, the one that was not mine.

The promise you made that you would come back, was the first one that you broke.

I have no tears left to cry, and no words that I can say to make this right.

You had my heart, and for that I am grateful.

My love you left me, and this time I had to read it on paper.

What happen, why did you have to go?

Did I not love you right, or were the ringing in the clouds to loud for you not to hear?

I do not have the answer I just wish you were here, but that cannot be.

Sometimes two hearts are not better than one.