Poem: Bittersweet

I want to see the stars.

I want to be able to walk to the moon.

I want to say I love you.

These are all hopes and dreams that have faded.

They tell the stories that made us sing.

Now they are the nightmares that keep us awake.

The thought that the fire is no longer burning.

The things that were supposed to make us sweet.

Is now the most bitter fruit that hangs on our tree.

I just wish it will all grow again.

Poem: Living/ Trying

Everything is starting to come together.

The dreams are beginning to blossom.

The nightmares are fading with the days.

Then I remember that it you that is talking.

The thought of the words that runs softly are now cowardly.

Trying to find ways to make the sunshine once again.

Then I remember why the rain came.

That this thing will never be the same.

To win lately was the same as losing.

That is all my eyes could tell me.

Poem: Worth

How can I be better?

When the storm came and all I did was run away.

The rain hit and so did my fears.

I could no longer run from something that I had cause.

My light was no longer dim.

It had become my shadow that follows me dear.

It holds the door when I walk through.

It keeps me calm when red is all around.

Yet, I keep trying to run from all that it brings.

Time is almost up so I must keep going.

When will it be right time for me to just be better.

Is this all that I am worthy.

Poem: I Do Not Care

I just do not care.

I do not know why, something is just not moving me.

I can not feel the need to believe.

The ability to get things done.

My heart just simply cannot go on.

My love where has my love gone?

Will it ever come back or is it a distant memory.

To be honest the thought still does not make me move.

I just cannot and I do not care.

You should me your colors, and now you no mines.

In the end we all lose.