Poem: The Choices

Looking at road and not knowing which way to go.

Should I go left and do the things that are uncommon.

Travel the way in which you know nothing.

Then you get to experience the things that make you ask questions.

The things that makes life.

Should I go right and do what is expected.

Live in a world where you know everything and that is it.

The sense of adventure is gone, and you do the routine that has already been written.

The choice we have in life are always two.

You do what is expect or you take a chance and run with the winds.

There is not an in between.

The world never gives you that option, and if it did why would take it?

The is the beauty and the disaster we deal with in this thing called life.

Play it safe

Another week and more thinking that I have been doing, or at least trying to do. There is so much going on and nothing going on at the same time, that I do not know what is going on sometimes. I have no room to complain. Has anyone made decision and thought about was it the right one? That is what I am going through right now. I must make a choice and I think I made one, but I am not sure it is correct.

The choice I made is something I do not want to make, but it is one that is needed now. I do not think that I am ready for what is about to happen, and I am scared to find out the outcome. I like to play it safe, but I know I must make a tough choice if I want to succeed in life. Only time will tell, I guess.