Poem: Chapter

Another chapter that I have given.

Yet the words are still unwritten.

The clock is ticking, but my mind is still stuck.

Stuck in a place where the birds no longer sing.

Where the ocean has no tide.

Moving on is all that seems right.

The problem is when will my ride arrive.

I gave you a part of me that is still being written.

Yet I feel like this chapter will never be finish.

Poem: Chapter

Holding on so tight is causing everything to disappear.

Not knowing when the time will be right to let it go.

Hoping that this is only a chapter in a long and twisted book.

Not knowing if the end is right around the corner, or another long road.

Still wishing that there was more to go, but deep down the book pages are getting thin.

Leading the way to a journey that is starting to no longer be becoming a fight.

Realizing that is just may be time to let is all go.

Then the voice pops back into your head to give to keep going.

This time you must decide to not listen to it cries.

Listen to the thing that controls it all, your heart.

What it tells you is where you will go.

There will almost be more to read the next chapter.


Poem: Next chapter

The new life is starting, but the old one keeps calling.

You know not to answer it, but you know that you should.

The wind is blowing and distracting the trees.

You try to keep the branches from falling off, but it is no good.

The day the sun rises is the day to start a new.

You know not where to begin, but you know that this is not the end.

The beginning of forever is still far away, but it seems to start.

You look at sky and you start to cry.

This is the last thing that will hold the truth.

The meaning and the place that has made you.

This chapter is done and know the new one begins.