Poem: Before

I have been sitting waiting for the light.

Not knowing when it will hit me that the time is right.

I walk into a sea that was not filled with creatures.

It held the desire that were lost in the depths of my mind.

This is the start of a new chapter, yet I still cannot write.

I know this is the beginning, but it seems I have been here before.

When does the wind stop blowing and the sea starts to part?

I see it soon, but what does that mean anyway.

Poem: A change or Something

The seasons of life are happening before our eyes.

It is something that we cannot escape, just something that we all must go through.

Sitting and waiting and not thinking is no longer the way to move.

Hitting the slopes or learning the ropes does not make you cool.

You keep thinking that you have time.

Then one day the time is not happening anymore.

Why can everything be right?

Why am I only able to write at night?

I need to make a change, but my season has change.

Poem: Decision

One year a world was change.

No more worries, no more pain, no more sorrow.

Most importantly no more stress.

The place that gave me so much was in the back of my rear view.

An environment that made me grow, but also showed me that I needed to grow.

Holding on to something that I no longer felt like trying to catch.

A decision was made to change and just let everything go.

No back up to hold my hand, just the idea of being free.

Leaving behind memories that were never supposed to be made.

That became friends that you talk to everyday.

I had to find a place of happy.

Was it easy, no?

It was worth it.

A decision was made 5 years ago, and another was made 1 year ago.

They both change my life; I am thankful for both.