Poem: Break

I took a break to get to know me.

I tried to find a way to make things right.

Then I realize that everything was a mistake.

The journey was just a circle that I cannot break.

I took a leap of faith, but even that was a mistake.

Now I am back to start again.

This time I refuse to let thing fall apart.

I want to make this the best.

So, I am going to take ride and hopes it will not be my last.

Just a start to end that will make everything right.


Poem: Break

Why can I not take a break?

Why must the world ride my back?

When will I become free of the worries that do not belong to me?

I try to give hope and pleasure to ones that do not care.

Pleasing the people when you are only a body that has no soul.

Leads to the burnout of the flames that heat my soul.

When will it be enough?

Or is it enough?